orthodontics hawthorne ca

The hesitancy on the part of the patient could be well understood. Not entirely comfortable about the idea of wearing visible braces, uncertainty on more advanced orthodontics hawthorne ca work also arises. But this uncertainty has nothing to do with preoccupations with looks and comfort, or the lack thereof. It may have more to do with the fact that little is known to the patient about the generally successful orthodontic applications.

What most patients may very well know already, and it is still a preconceived notion to be sure, is that the orthodontics concept is highly popular owing to its cosmetic features and, perhaps more importantly, level of comfort and long-term dental wellbeing achieved. But what many patients may not have known, and this is nothing to be shocked about or despair about, they may not even be eligible for or suited to an orthodontics application.

The root cause of this if you will primarily has to do with the shape of the patient’s jaw as well as current oral and dental structures. In other words, orthodontics installations simply will not fit. As they say; if the cap fitsÂ…. The point is that only the dentist or orthodontist should be making this call. No one can simply walk in to surgery and say; hey, I want orthodontics. It is not like buying a new top that you fancy. 

And furthermore, the technologies surrounding the application of braces have come along in leaps and bounds. Exceptional circumstances notwithstanding, patients are no longer being fitted with uncomfortable and unsightly braces. And like orthodontics, veneers and sealants, they are widely transparent in more ways than one. Do be patient if you will and let your dentist make the call soon after he has completed his dental exam.