As we age our bodies begin to shut down.  It soon becomes harder to walk, run and to do the physical activities that we enjoyed doing when we were kids and young adults.  Looking for new and innovative ways to feel better such as using infrared light therapy for pain Arlington are our primary focus.  For those looking to start rejuvenation of our bodies here are some tips that you can follow.

Drink water

Water is the best liquid that you can consume.  Our bodies are made primarily of water and as such we are replacing the primary fluid we need.  Drinking several glasses, a day will also keep our systems flushed out of toxins and other negative elements that can cause us harm.

Stay away from sugar

Sugar is a major component to a lot of or diets.  On average we consume more sugar in our diets than anything else.  When looking at sugars in our foods you need to look deeper at times.  Some foods will use fancy words to replace sugars wince they are sweet and are not typically sugar.  Make sure to read labels carefully.

Eat vegetables

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Vegetables and fruits need to be a major component to your diet.  Fruits in the morning will give you a natural energy rush that you can use to get your day going.  Having vegetables at lunch and dinner will help to balance out the rest of your meal. 

Stay away from fried foods

Fried foods are going to kill you.  As we fry foods, we are taking out the nutritional value to them and replacing them with saturated fats.  These saturated fats can be good for us in low quantities but will end up doing more harm than good.  If you need to fry your food, consider using an air fryer that doesn’t use oil.